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Training the next generation

HTF Transport are dedicated to training the next generation of skilled HGV drivers. Meet our latest recruit.

HTF Transport are dedicated to training the next generation of skilled HGV drivers.

At HTF we have highlighted the need to develop individuals to give them the skills to succeed as a HGV driver.

This year we welcome Norm to the team as an apprentice driver. Norm has signed onto the new driver apprenticeship with Mantra Learning, Middleton and will complete a 13 month course where he will develop the skills to become a skilled a knowledgeable driver. Alongside the Mantra course, Norm will be shadowing experienced hiab operators gaining experience and on the job knowledge – so once his license acquisition has been completed at month 6 we will be confident in sending Norm out in one of our 32,000 GVW rigid hiabs!

Continuous reviews will be carried out by HTF management, providing additional support and development.

In the next few months we will follow Norm as he picks up his qualifications from ALLMI hiab operator, ADR, Safe urban driving and ALLMI slinger.

Although Norm is new to HTF Transport he brings years of experience, being the son of a HGV driver growing up Norm, was never too far from a truck. Learning how most young drivers do by the transfer of knowledge from generation to generation!


Creating a place to remember loved ones lost in the 1985 Manchester Airport disaster

When it comes to specialised lifting HTF Transport was the first call for 3MMM when they were tasked with constructing a memorial at Manchester Airport to remember the 55 people that died following a fire on a British Airtours Boeing 737 flight on the August 22, 1985


HTF Transport work a lot with 3MMM construction on a number of projects, but this was definitely one of the more challenging. Requiring full risk assessments and method statements, a full site visit was completed to highlight any potential hazards and produce a plan that would enable the safe delivery of the 6m long sections.

The memorial is located inside the airport grounds outside terminal 1 and is now a permanent spot for loved ones to come and visit and remember the family and friends lost on the faithful day on the 22nd August 1985. With this in mind the utmost care and attention was taken to ensure everything went to plan.

Each individual timber section had the names – grouped into families, etched into the wood with a section of bench to go in between. The project required each beam to be lifted into place and secured to the concrete base by slotting into a stainless steel bracket.

The control and smooth operation of the Palfinger PK62002EH ensures the operator and all the personnel on site remain safe. Working in the confined space that was created, as the structure was erected it wasn’t  an issue with 16.1m of reach.

Great care was taken with the use of soft slings, preventing any marks on the delicate timber. The project required one of our 62 t/m hiab equipped vehicles to reach from the old terminal 1 access ramp, rigging up over the pedestrian barrier.

In all the job took two days to complete and on schedule! The grand unveiling was carried out on the 33 year anniversary and was attended by many friends and family members.

The team at HTF Transport are proud to be a part of making this memorial.

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Conveyor replacement, ensuring your parcels arrive on time

HTF Transport regularly carry out site work to repair, install and replace telescopic boom conveyors for all the major parcel companies throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.

One of many boom installations that has been carried out by our highly skilled hiab operators.

The installation of the booms take skill and control on the hiab. With the boom just inches away from the dock door.

The booms are transported on the back of our Euro 6, ULEZ compliant vehicles or can meet trailers on site to install.

Carrying out this work for over 20 years HTF Transport have the process perfected, using the skill of the operators and the control of the lorry loader.

Ensuring the vehicles have the correct lifting equipment is key to the safe positioning of the boom.

Working closely with the engineering departments or conveyor manufacturers directly, the booms are installed, repaired or swapped in the shortest and safest possible timescale.

When you are looking for a professional and reliable hiab specialist contractor for your next project, Look no further than HTF Transport.

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Working in all weathers to get the job done

HTF Transport complete a delivery to Scotland for Bunkabin Ltd

Some excellent pictures sent in showing a delivery and set up of some cabins for a regular customer Bunkabin .

Concentration face

Having the right guys on the job using the right equipment makes the jobs safe and easy. The vehicle on this delivery was fitted with a Palifinger PK62002EH. This controlled by a remote control gives the operator the view and control needed for placing the cabins so closely together.


Even the weather can’t stop our dedicated drivers from delivering a first class service, ensuring the cabins are level and set in a manner that all the drains work correctly.

Training is also key to a safe and professional delivery. All of HTF Transports operators are ALLMI trained with internal familiarisation of the specific lorry loader used.  Using the skill and experience of the operator means a safe and successful delivery for the customer.

Looking to book your next transport, contact HTF Transport via the form below.

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Specification of our new crane forks

As HTF Transport get more and more requests to move pallets with our hiab equipped vehicles. We felt the need to invest in a set of crane forks would be vital.


This attachment has been provided by and comes with all the relevant certification.

The product is designed and manufactured using high quality steel to guarantee strength and safety in the workplace. The fork offers automatic compensation and adjustment of the center of gravity depending on the weight of the load.

The forks have been built to meet or exceed the regulations of ECC UNI-EN and ASME and come with the required labels, certificates and user and maintenance manual.

Please contact the team to discuss your requirements further and plan your next job.


“Will contact you again for the next job and will highly recommend your company to our Franchise network”

HTF transport have recently been tasked by a new customer to lift pallets of paint material onto a roof of a superstore as part of the roof restoration process.

This was a perfect job for the crane fork attachment and one of our artic hiabs. The advantage of the crane fork attachment is the pallets can be loaded up to each other, where normally they need to be kept apart to allow slings to be fed through the pallets. This also makes the load safer, reducing the chance of movement.

As this was still a working supermarket providing the public with essential food and supplies HTF transport had a very small compound to work in but this didn’t stop the job from getting done.

Using the skills of our ALLMI trained operators and slingers, the job was completed safely and within the time frame set leaving one very happy customer.

This load also fell under ADR (transport of dangerous goods) an area which HTF are fully compliant for.

This is the type of feedback we love to hear “Will contact you directly again for the next job and will highly recommend your company to our Franchise network”.


HTF Transport achieve FORS Silver accreditation

HTF Transport have achieved the FORS silver standard. This is the next step up the FORS ladder for transport operators.

HTF Transport have achieved the FORS silver standard. This is the next step up the FORS ladder for transport operators

To pass the fors sliver audit HTF transport have fitted additional safety devices to the vehicle including the following;-

  • Audible warning of a vehicle turning left and reversing
  • Full 360 deg camera systems which assists the drivers with an internal monitor when turning left
  • Additional signage warning pedestrians and vulnerable road users.
  • The placing of stickers in the cab of the vehicle

Additional elearning completed by the drivers including a hands on Safe Urban Driving course which involves drivers going out on the road to experience how it feels to be a cyclist on the roads.

HTF have developed policies in line with the FORS standard to make the roads safer and the standard in drivers and vehicles to improve.

Further development of management and systems is key in excelling and as key in the FORS standards

To find out more about whats involved in the FORS standard please visit

The hard work that has gone into this appreciated by all the Directors and Sets HTF transport up for a successful future


Spring has sprung and there’s a new arrival at HTF Transport

After months of waiting the newest arrival of the fleet is now on the road and putting a shift in.

The Scania R450 provides an excellent platform for the mighty lifting power of the PM65.





From the field to the Playing field

When Rochdale AFC needed to replace their pitch mid season they needed a quick solution, and turned to HTF transport for help! 


Chief Executive Russ Green made contact with HTF Transport on the Thursday afternoon for assistance. By Thursday night the same day, a complete schedule to transport 22 loads of turf from County Turf Scunthorpe had been put in place. This particular job was time sensitive, as HTF Transport had to liaise with a dedicated turf laying team flying in from Holland and Premier Pitches. To add to the pressure. there were 2 matches scheduled the same weekend, Rochdale AFC vs Charlton Athletic and a game for Rochdale Hornets vs Hull Kingston Rovers on the Sunday.



The job started early on the Monday morning, with the first vehicles leaving Oldham at 4am to get to the fields for 7am. We organized a fleet of 45ft articulated vehicles, loading every 30 minutes which resulted in the first load arriving at the Crown Oil Arena at 11am. The team from Holland worked alongside HTF transport, and staff from Rochdale F.C. throughout the day.




On day 1, a total of 13 loads arrived at the ground, coming in at a total weight of 351 tonnes of turf. A great team effort from all involved but that was only 1/2 the job, there was still another 9 loads that needed to be delivered!


On day 2, with another early start, the HTF team headed back to the fields for a second day of shifting turf. Moving a total on the second day a total of 243 tonnes. This job took lots of planning and hard work from the drivers, maximizing their driving breaks to get 2 loads in each day. That was a total of 594 tonnes!!!


This could not have been done without the hard work from all the drivers at HTF transport and the third party contractors that helped make this happen, alongside the team from Rochdale F.C. Hopefully the new pitch will spur Rochdale AFC onto a successful end to their 2016-2017 season and provide a platform for Rochdale Hornets to entertain all that come to watch at the Crown Oil Arena in their 2017 season. From all at HTF Transport, good luck!!!!!