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Event Transport

If you are planning an event that involves transporting a large number of heavy goods, as well as the obvious logistics and planning attached to this, then HTF are the perfect choice for you. We cover the whole of the UK, meaning we can help with your event no matter the location.


Over 30 Years of experience

In this time we’ve learnt a lot about providing a premium service to each one of our clients, helping to make sure HTF Transport are the first choice for many all over the UK.

We have a range of HIABs for any job

Take a look at our range of HIAB’s here. We can provide the right vehicle for almost any job, whatever size.

Reliable 24 hour Service

We provide round the clock service to support clients at any time we are needed, making sure the HIAB hire process is as smooth as possible.

ADR Compliance
Giving you Peace of Mind

All of our vehicles are ADR compliant, giving you peace of mind when transporting any dangerous or hazardous with us.

Event Transport Services

We understand that organising an event, whether it be music concerts, exhibitions, corporate events or anything else, involves a lot of time and planning. With HTF you can rest assured that the transportation and logistics of the equipment and materials you need is in safe hands, allowing you peace of mind and giving you the time to give your full attention to other aspects.

Not sure what vehicle you require?

We have an easy to use calculator which finds the ideal HIAB crane for the job, to start choose what kind of job you need the HIAB for.

All About Event Transport

For more information on event transport, please get in touch.

  • Can you provide stand trailers?

    If requested, we are more than happy to provide stand trailers.

  • How long can we hire your services for?

    As long as you need! We are happy to accompany on tours, sticking with you all the way.

  • What kind of events do you cover?

    We are happy to work in all kind of events, from music, sport, festivals and even Christmas markets. No matter what the event, HTF are the company for you.