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COVID-19 Update

An update from the HTF Transport management regarding the on-going COVID-19 Crisis. 27/03/2020

HTF Transport are currently still working to support vital operations in the north west. We absolutely remain open for business at this time of huge uncertainty. We are committed to providing an outstanding service during this time and we have also implemented a range of measures to keep our drivers and our customers safe from the virus.

  • Our drivers will stay in the cab as much as possible when waiting to receive / drop off loads. This is to minimise physical contact as much as possible. We’ll also be practicing social distancing as much as possible where staying inside the cab is not possible.
  • Our office staff will begin to work remotely where possible.

We’d like to assure all of our customers and suppliers that the same high quality service you have come to expect from HTF Transport will still be upheld during these times.

We will guarantee to be working throughout the pandemic, and support vital operations in the north of England delivering emergency plant.

If you have any urgent queries, please get in touch with a member of our team at or call us on 0161 785 9691


The Directors


From the field to the Playing field

When Rochdale AFC needed to replace their pitch mid season they needed a quick solution, and turned to HTF transport for help! 


Chief Executive Russ Green made contact with HTF Transport on the Thursday afternoon for assistance. By Thursday night the same day, a complete schedule to transport 22 loads of turf from County Turf Scunthorpe had been put in place. This particular job was time sensitive, as HTF Transport had to liaise with a dedicated turf laying team flying in from Holland and Premier Pitches. To add to the pressure. there were 2 matches scheduled the same weekend, Rochdale AFC vs Charlton Athletic and a game for Rochdale Hornets vs Hull Kingston Rovers on the Sunday.



The job started early on the Monday morning, with the first vehicles leaving Oldham at 4am to get to the fields for 7am. We organized a fleet of 45ft articulated vehicles, loading every 30 minutes which resulted in the first load arriving at the Crown Oil Arena at 11am. The team from Holland worked alongside HTF transport, and staff from Rochdale F.C. throughout the day.




On day 1, a total of 13 loads arrived at the ground, coming in at a total weight of 351 tonnes of turf. A great team effort from all involved but that was only 1/2 the job, there was still another 9 loads that needed to be delivered!


On day 2, with another early start, the HTF team headed back to the fields for a second day of shifting turf. Moving a total on the second day a total of 243 tonnes. This job took lots of planning and hard work from the drivers, maximizing their driving breaks to get 2 loads in each day. That was a total of 594 tonnes!!!


This could not have been done without the hard work from all the drivers at HTF transport and the third party contractors that helped make this happen, alongside the team from Rochdale F.C. Hopefully the new pitch will spur Rochdale AFC onto a successful end to their 2016-2017 season and provide a platform for Rochdale Hornets to entertain all that come to watch at the Crown Oil Arena in their 2017 season. From all at HTF Transport, good luck!!!!!


Update on the new Scania

The new Scania is taking shape at Truck and Marine Cranes. The sub frame has been fitted, the drag mountings have been cut and secured and the crane has been fitted to the rear end. It wont be long till we can see what it will look like with the rest of the body on.

Watch this space for more updates . . . 






HTF Transport Place order for new 8×2 Scania unit and a PM65024 lorry loader

HTF transport have placed an order with Scania West Pennine and truck and marine cranes to put another 8X2 rigid rear mounted hiab vehicle on the road in the new year. We have decided to go with the Scania for the build quality and years of reliable service. At HTF Transport we have operated a number of Scanias over the years and we know it’s a reliable, versatile and quality truck. The axle configuration is key with the 8×2 with the rear steering axle allows the maximum payload with the highest level of maneuverability.

HTF have decided to go with the PM65024 Hiab after the success of the PM53025 that has been operated for the past 24months. With the positioning of the crane at the rear of the vehicle allows close up heavy lifting and with the addition of a three axle draw bar trailer increases the gross train weight to 44,000kg making the entire combination a very useful set up.

The vehicle will be fully ADR compliant to allow the transportation of IBC’s containing gas oil up to 3000L and empty 20,000L tank containers for bulk site fuel storage, As well as this the vehicle will be fitted with a removable barrier system to allow driver access and egress onto the back of the vehicle safely.

This new vehicle will also be fitted with the state of the art 360 camera system with a monitor inside the vehicle to assist the driver and reduce the risk to venerable road users. Alongside the cameras the vehicle will be fitted with Tom Tom telematics and tracking to monitor the progress, Fuel consumption and drivers hours compliance on the go.

We are looking forward to the completion of this vehicle in the New Year but updates on the build progress will be shared on the HTF Transport Facebook page and this news section.


2 New tractor units hit the road

The decision was made to continue the fleet regeneration the August with the purchase of 2 used 2011 Scania tractor units. Although used, these two vehicles will be replacing much older 2004 units.

With this in mind, an increased fuel economy would help make savings on fuel costs and in turn reduce the environmental impact, running a cleaner, newer and more economic vehicle. Both units have been purchased with the London emissions in mind, this meaning the euro 5 vehicles can enter the capitals centre without any additional charges.

As with all the vehicles purchased not the tom tom telematics and tracking has been transferred into the new vehicles to allow traffic planners to route and scheduled the vehicles to optimise the drivers working time, monitor compliance and monitor idling. As well as this the new units have been fitted with state of the art vehicle CCTV, Protecting the driver, public and vulnerable road users. The cameras record onto a SSD drive in the vehicles, saved and can be accessed in the event of an accident or incident.

Being FORS registered and working a lot in built up areas the camera system is a priceless piece of kit.


HTF add another Iveco to the fleet

HTF Transport have taken the step to increase the number of hiab vehicles in the fleet with the addition of the new Iveco Strallis tractor unit, complete with a Palfinger PK62002-EH.

The vehicle has a vast array off applications with the cranes reach of 16.1m, lifting 3,000kg allowing lifts over a fair distance. it also lifts 12,600 kg at 4.2m. this allows the loading and transporting of heavy machines and plant without the need of mobile cranes. Reducing costs and space needed on sites.

The Vehicle also has a 33 ft MAC tri deck, tri axle trailer with a front lift axle making it a very maneuverable vehicle.


Moving with the times

HTF Transport now operate the latest TOM TOM vehicle tracking and telemetry system. This allows up to date information on the vehicles position and activity. All the vehicles are fitted with the latest TOM TOM Pro navigation devices to give up to date traffic information live to the driver, this along with the TOM TOM smart route planning HTF will be lowering the carbon footprint. helping reduce the impact road haulage has on the environment.

The system allows individual trips to be reviewed and information provided such as trip mileage, amount of CO2 produced and how much fuel has been used, this can be used by customers that wish to record and quantify the distance it takes to deliver their goods.