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2 New tractor units hit the road

The decision was made to continue the fleet regeneration the August with the purchase of 2 used 2011 Scania tractor units. Although used, these two vehicles will be replacing much older 2004 units.

With this in mind, an increased fuel economy would help make savings on fuel costs and in turn reduce the environmental impact, running a cleaner, newer and more economic vehicle. Both units have been purchased with the London emissions in mind, this meaning the euro 5 vehicles can enter the capitals centre without any additional charges.

As with all the vehicles purchased not the tom tom telematics and tracking has been transferred into the new vehicles to allow traffic planners to route and scheduled the vehicles to optimise the drivers working time, monitor compliance and monitor idling. As well as this the new units have been fitted with state of the art vehicle CCTV, Protecting the driver, public and vulnerable road users. The cameras record onto a SSD drive in the vehicles, saved and can be accessed in the event of an accident or incident.

Being FORS registered and working a lot in built up areas the camera system is a priceless piece of kit.

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