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HTF Transport Place order for new 8×2 Scania unit and a PM65024 lorry loader

HTF transport have placed an order with Scania West Pennine and truck and marine cranes to put another 8X2 rigid rear mounted hiab vehicle on the road in the new year. We have decided to go with the Scania for the build quality and years of reliable service. At HTF Transport we have operated a number of Scanias over the years and we know it’s a reliable, versatile and quality truck. The axle configuration is key with the 8×2 with the rear steering axle allows the maximum payload with the highest level of maneuverability.

HTF have decided to go with the PM65024 Hiab after the success of the PM53025 that has been operated for the past 24months. With the positioning of the crane at the rear of the vehicle allows close up heavy lifting and with the addition of a three axle draw bar trailer increases the gross train weight to 44,000kg making the entire combination a very useful set up.

The vehicle will be fully ADR compliant to allow the transportation of IBC’s containing gas oil up to 3000L and empty 20,000L tank containers for bulk site fuel storage, As well as this the vehicle will be fitted with a removable barrier system to allow driver access and egress onto the back of the vehicle safely.

This new vehicle will also be fitted with the state of the art 360 camera system with a monitor inside the vehicle to assist the driver and reduce the risk to venerable road users. Alongside the cameras the vehicle will be fitted with Tom Tom telematics and tracking to monitor the progress, Fuel consumption and drivers hours compliance on the go.

We are looking forward to the completion of this vehicle in the New Year but updates on the build progress will be shared on the HTF Transport Facebook page and this news section.

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